Value For Money Assessment of the Target:Wellbeing Portfolio


Groundwork Northwest invited Infonomics to provide an assessment of the economic impact of the Target:Wellbeing programme.

Infonomics worked with Groundwork to build an 'Additionality Toolkit' to supplement their existing evaluation methods. This was designed to quantify the level of change that wouldn't have happened without the Target:Wellbeing intervention, covering concepts such as deadweight, substitution and leakage. Together with staff at GWNW we worked with managers of projects in the portfolio to identify recommendations for improving impact.

We also explored some financial proxies to place a sterling value on the social impacts across the portfolio and provided some aggregation and statistical analysis of monitoring data.

This resulted in:

  • Programme managers having a clearer understanding of value for money and impact of the portfolio;
  • Project managers having evidence to support them in attracting grants, contract commissions and future investment;
  • A reusable toolkit (comprising a questionnaire and scoring matrix) for assessing the additionality of other projects;
  • Strategic recommendations for improving value for money in future

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