Knowsley Works Evaluation


The NWDA required an evaluation of it's investment in Knowsley Works – Local Labour in Construction, Knowsley JET Services and Enterprise Development Project - in line with the RDA Impact Evaluation Framework (IEF).

The objectives were to:

  • provide robust evidence on the impact of the interventions (both direct and strategic activities), assessing how they have contributed to key target outcomes that would not otherwise have been achieved;
  • determine how far the project/programme has achieved its objectives;
  • identify the lessons from the interventions for wider dissemination;
  • understand what continued need there is for the project/programme;
  • identify relevant good practice from elsewhere to inform future investment.

In order to meet these objectives the team provided:

  • a quantitative analysis of the factors in an "additionality logic chain";
  • a distributional assessment of the impacts;
  • an analysis of the programme and projects effectiveness;
  • a summary of the lessons learned;
  • a re-appraisal of the business case;
  • an appraisal of the NWDA's "strategic added value";
  • an analysis of cost-effectiveness;
  • a review of good practice.


business-support construction impact-evaluation-framework evaluation